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Myopia Management Diagnostics

Myopia management - Precision Eye Care

Interestingly, not much is required for an optometrist to start practicing myopia management in their practice.

Truth be told, all optometrists already have the basics to get started. In fact, that is how Dr. Chai started her journey about 4 years ago and have built up the necessary knowledge and decided to invest in instruments to enhance the experience for her patients.

The Medmont E300

The Medmont E300 is considered the standard when it comes to corneal topographers. It has a small-cone placido disc design allowing for precise captured data across the cornea. This instrument is used to screen for any early signs of corneal diseases such as keratonocus and is used to help Dr. Chai design an orthokeratology lens for your child.

Myopia Management - Precision Eye Care
Myopia Management - Precision Eye Care

 Zeiss IOLMaster® 500

Dr. Chai and Precision Eye Care is proud to be one of the only optometry clinics in the Edmonton region to have the Zeiss IOLMaster® 500 in-house. This instrument is typically found in an ophthalmologist’s office performing cataract surgeries. In the context of myopia management, the IOLMaster® and other optical biometers are used to measure the axial length, or simply the length of your child’s eye. The ultimate goal for myopia management is to decrease the progression of your child’s eye growth to decrease the risk factors for ocular disease. Using the IOLMaster® 500, Dr. Chai is able to obtain a baseline and is an effective way to monitor progress of a particular treatment.

Mediworks Firefly Digital Anterior Segment & Meibography Slit Lamp

Mediworks Firefly Digital Anterior Segment & Meibography Slit Lamp is used to ensure the ocular health of your child’s eye is pristine prior to starting any myopia management strategies. This is of particular importance to screen for any pre-existing conditions and also when starting a child on a contact lens option.  

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