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Emergency Eye Care

Did you know that your optometrist should be the first person you see with any vision or eye related emergencies?

We can usually see you a lot sooner than the emergency room or MediCentre and have the necessary instruments to accurately diagnose the emergency.

The following are examples of, but not limited to, ocular emergencies:

  • Foreign bodies in the eye
  • Sudden vision loss and blur
  • Sudden peripheral vision loss
  • Eye pain
  • Flashes and/or floaters in vision
  • Chemical exposure in or around your eyes
  • Swelling in or around your eyes

In addition to diagnosing the emergency, your optometrist will be able to make prompt referrals to an ophthalmologist.

If any of these emergent symptoms occur outside of our regular office hours, please go to your nearest hospital emergency – in Edmonton, if possible, visit the Royal Alex Hospital as they have a dedicated Eye Clinic.

Ophthalmologist Referrals

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